Rif Spahni. Instante y Memoria

Happy to present my next exhibition Rif Spahni. Instant and Memory, in collaboration with the Miró Fundació Mallorca.
10 years of work with 3 projects carried out in the same space: Joan Miró‘s studio in Mallorca Son Boter.
Son Boter, a more realistic and documentary reflection with some printed in black and white.
Imaginaire, the artist’s interpretation of space and energy through the stains left on the floor, at the mercy of oblivion.
Archipiélago… the search for the beauty of the stain itself through the prominence it deserves, rescuing it from oblivion and giving it importance and elegance. Photogravure

Back to the south

It’s not that I’m in love with living in big cities and Lima is, it’s huge, it’s full of people, continuous bustle and noise…Lima is very noisy…but I still want to go back and continue with the project we started with the NGO Alto Peru on women’s empowerment.
Ivonne is our main protagonist and in 2019, the pandemic and the states of alarm did not allow us to continue with the work…. that’s why I want to come back. I want to meet Ivonne again, surf with her and continue documenting the strength of this woman, who is a great reference for me..
Hopefully it can be this year. For the moment, it looks like it !

Gribouillages at Villa Medici, Rome

I couldn’t be prouder that one of my photographs of Joan Miró’s Son Boter studio project is going to Rome for the exhibition “Gribouillages” at Villa Medici and thanks to l’Académie de France à Rome.
Exhibition curated by Francesca Alberti, Diane Bodart and Philippe-Alain Michaud.

Printing and framing new exhibition

Very proud to be able to present this exhibition entitled “Yerramma”.
The story of an incredible woman and the path she has chosen…the path of overcoming. From here all my admiration and respect for all those women who have not had it as easy as it should be, just for being women.
Yerramma is a work made together with the NGO Vicente Ferrer in India and presented with the art curator Antoni Torres and Art Amb B. Thanks to all


Rif Spahni Paysages d'un exile CCPNA exhibition Peru Arequipa

Feliz de exponer la muestra en el Centro Cultural Peruano Norteamericano de Arequipa! Ya sabemos todos como está el panorama mundial con el COVID, asi que de momento no la podemos hacer presencial y por vez primera, la presento online! Nos quedará pendiente visitar a mis amigos de Arequipa!

Os dejo el link de la charla con la curadora de la muestra, Gabriela Tineo (Galeria del Barrio de Lima) y Javier Rodriguez Canales, director del Centro…un auténtico placer!

IMPORTANTE: la charla empieza en el minuto 03´ 39″ !!!