Winter ocean days

Recently I bought a new underwater housing for my DSLR and I really enjoy taking my gear and just jump into the water. This last December week, we are having calm days with no wind, no waves…just beautiful light…and cold temperatures!!!

Rifonian mythology

The little fish and the light

This is the story of the little fish who was used to swim in the deepest darkness of the oceans. But on day, curiosity pushed him to swim and swim up to the border where water becomes light.

He wanted to know what is beyond the surface.

Once there ,Goddess Thalassa afraid of loosing the little fish, asked Helios to blind him with light…

Goddess Thalassa was so upset, that petrify the little fish transforming him in a stone unable to swim again.


Makaha 2013  70cm x 25cm  2/6 +2 P.A.

Coming back to the salty water photography very soon…

My friend Jaime Gassner (from Galeria del Barrio in Chorrillos, Lima) awaiting the wave.

The grey Lima beyond.